It's hard to be aggressive when you are confused.

About Me

I am a highly skilled Web/Multimedia Developer with a strong working knowledge of XHTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, BootStrap, mySQL, XML and Flash/AS3 (both timeline animation and actionscript) and proficient with the tools of Adobe suite.

I have experience with a wide variety of content and learning management systems including Blackboard, Moodle, Joomla, WordPress and SquareSpace.

I design to accommodate the widest variety of devices possible and, as a bonus, I’m experienced in audio production and voiceover.

I am also a regular speaker at Melbourne’s WordPress Meetup where I inform, delight and amuse.

I am an adaptable and skilled problem solver, integrating technical know-how with a high level of creativity and a strong aesthetic sense. I work well in collaborative scenarios and greet new challenges with positivity and enthusiasm.