Hurrying Up The Cakes

Cookie Cutter

One of the advantages of WordPress is that it allows non-technical users to update and edit their own content.

The system does it’s best to keep everything looking good, however, if you start adding images of various sizes and shapes it can quickly start to look messy.

Sites look best when images conform to a consistent size and aspect ratio, however, often when you mention aspect ratio to someone they glaze over. (Aspect ratio simply determines whether your image is square, tall or wide.)

I have written tutorials for clients on how to crop and resize their images for the best results but the process requires many tedious steps.

Using the latest HTML5 features I have simplified and automated the process of creating consistent images for a web site.

Simply set your size, pick an image, tweak the image with a single control and save the image ready for your site.


Unfortunately, if you are not using Google Chrome as your browser don’t bother. This utility uses many features that are not supported in other browsers.

Check Out the Cookie Cutter ( Chrome Browsers Only )