Chaos Wrangling


Here’s a quote that always sticks in my mind.

It’s hard to be aggressive when you are confused.

Vince Lombardi
[Highly successful American football coach explaining why his game plan was so simple despite his vast array of talented players]

I love using WordPress. There. I said it.

But why WordPress Anthony? I hear you ask.

I live my life believing that the sooner you can understand your personal cognitive limitations the sooner you can focus on the mastery and fluency of an interesting framework.

This is not an easy thing to do particularly in a world where new features, options and complexity is being sold as a positive thing.

There are enormous benefits to becoming a gun at a single framework.

But which framework and why?

Sometimes you’ve got to just pick with something and go with it. Even if you are ultimately wrong.

I’ve been wrong many times before. I had an Amiga Computer back in the day and spent many years becoming a Flash and AS3 Guru only to watch Steve Jobs Flash policy destroy my career as a leading Flash eLearning developer.

WordPress is mature and open-source and always kept current. The framework and it’s foundations (XHTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL) are loosely coupled to web technologies and so, it stands to reason, that it will never become redundant.

I think it’s a brilliant framework. Simple enough to use if you just want to blog quickly. But with infinite granularity if you need to pop the hood and make it do something weird. (That is if someone clever hasn’t built a plugin to do it already).

It’s responsive, SEO is easy, it’s easy to monetize, it’s updated all the time and it’s fun! There are SO many themes available and building a custom theme is straightforward for a reasonably skilled developer.